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Job Stress is Associated with Other Non-Work Factors

No Copyright IndicatedIn a recent study published in the International Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, Canadian researchers have discovered that there are certain associations with job stress that may have been disregarded by prior researchers. In their study of 2,237 working adults, they found the following four main things:

  • Chronic exposure to high work stress can transform into burnout, mental disorders, and disability.
  • Workers with disrupted marriages and managers/professionals are more likely to identify their job as being associated with high stress.
  • Workers describe their jobs as being highly stressful, when they perceive that their actions have an effect on co-workers, the environment, and their company.
  • There are differential findings for calling jobs very stressful, depending on age, education, and marital status.

(list adapted from Page 37 of their study)


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Support at Home while Working from Home?

Mother working from home Today, I read an online article about some of the “unique problems” that stay-at-home workers face over their face-to-face working counterparts. I know that these unique problems have been reported in countless research articles, but I think its worth a quick re-post of some of the primary problems (especially those reported in the news story):

1. People working at home must be self-motivated enough to accomplish all of their tasks in a timely fashion.
2. At-home workers are entirely responsible for their own image and cannot rely on their coworkers to help bolster their image at work.
3. At-home workers have fewer opportunities for social connectivity, especially as being engaged in their organizational culture.
4. Lack of face-to-face communication with supervisors, customers, vendors, employees, and co-workers can lead to a whole host of problems, since there are fewer nonverbal channels in which to communicate. I just LOVE it when people try to communicate sarcasm through text (pun intended)
5. Conflict and crises can become incredibly difficult to manage when working from home.


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