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Negative Co-Worker Relationships Cause Death?

Happy EmployeesSo, imagine that you are an employee at a large corporation. You come in to work each day and you dread being there. You have a sordid relationship with your coworkers. That relationship manifests itself in a variety of ways, especially in how you and your co-workers treat each other. You and your co-workers seldom laugh, you regularly quarrel, and your communication is almost always task-related. You would never say that you have “friends” at your office; rather, you simply have co-workers. The culture of the organization where you work is negative, antagonistic, and pessimistic. You like the work that you do, but you hate the people that you have to work with.

Sound familiar? For many Americans, this is daily life in the workplace.

Guess what?? This regular struggle to create positive relationships with your coworkers may be slowly killing you.


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What does stress look like?

I often get asked by people who are interested in my research “so, what does stress look like?” I find this question to be somewhat entertaining, as I think that most stress researchers would agree that stress doesn’t really have a particular “look” about it. This retort is something that Dr. Robert Sapolsky of Stanford University, author of the book Why Zebras Don’t Get Ulcers argues for in his book. I think that an important part of our stress response is in how we talk about “stress.”


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