Here are some updates and news:

01-01-2012: Read my newest publication, “A decade of research exploring biology and communication: The brain, nervous, endocrine, cardiovascular, and immune systems” published in Communication Research Trends (volume #30, Issue #1, 2011) with co-author Alice E. Veksler. You can find a copy of the publication on my research page.

02-01-2012: I gave a talk for Santa Clara University’s Ethics@Noon lecture series. The topic was “Ethics and the Expectations of Gender in Division of Household Labor.” I presented with Dr. Laura Ellingson, Associate Professor of Communication and Women & Gender Studies and Barbara Kelley, Senior Lecturer of Communication and author of Undecided. The program was sponsored by the Markkula Center for Applied Ethics. You can listen to a podcast of the lecture by clicking here

02-23-2012: I hosted a presentation with Tevis Rose Trower, President of Balance Integration Corporation. Tevis talked to the campus community about “Sustainable Success: Best Practices for Optimizing your Eco-System!” You can find a copy of the video podcast by clicking here

03-12-2012: I was quoted in a San Jose Mercury News Article about how communication technology can be challenging in the face of relational maintenance issues.

07-17-2012: I was interviewed by Brent Cannon on NBC Bay Area’s 7pm Non-stop News Show. The interview was about Marissa Mayer’s decision to not take maternity leave in her new role as CEO of Yahoo! (view the view by visiting my media page)

04-30-2013: I published an article with Shannon Johnson (James Madison University) about how co-worker resentment messages lead people not to make use of work/family policies. You can read the abstract here on the publisher’s website. The article was covered by a few news sources including and the Philadelphia Inquirer.

06-14-2013: I published an article in Communication Quarterly on co-rumination. You can read the abstract of that article here.

08-09-2013: The Wall Street Journal’s MarketWatch published an oped of mine about the research article on Peer Resentment. You can read that OpEd here.

10-08-2013: I was interviewed by KGO news radio in a brief clip that you can listen to here.

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